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Know all you want to know about your business using our

Friendly, Powerful App on your mobile phone

Set targets for your team and monitor progress from anywhere, anytimeBusiness data no more scattered across countless papers, registers & spreadsheets


check2Tailor made for specific micro-businesses

check2Zero setup, Zero configuration

check2No upfront cost, pay-as-you-go, free trial



We are an Innovation Led Software Products Company

building Friendly, Affordable, Entry level Business Software for


Small Offices

Freelancers / Professionals

Modern Small and Micro Businesses

especially designed for team size of 1-30

Technology That Works for Your Business


Open Source

Significantly reduce costs by using open source technologies chosen by our engineers

Smartphone Tablet


Essential for people who are on run, Access applications on mobile, tablets and PCs

Data Protection

Trustworthy Data Security

Trust highly secure data centers that are managed, monitored, and maintained by Amazon(AWS)

Cloud Checked

Cloud Based Hosting

No capital investment, Subscription based, Scales up with your business

Hire Us To Build Your Next Product Or Automate Your Existing Process

We provide custom solutions tailor made for your business needs


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