We are an Innovation Led Software Product Company

We are building

friendly, flexible, nimble products

that allow people to work independently and work together in groups

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India Is Buzzing

Many small business are starting-up to leverage IT and dream to become the Amazons and Ubers of India.

The next generation of heirs who are now running many matued businesses understand and are eager to leverage IT.

Professionals from MNCs are blooming start-ups in all industries from healthcare, to lifestyle, to food, to agriculture, to education, to automobile and even law and accounting.

Entrepreneurs are defining new ways of doing business on internet  everyday, excited to capture the minds of venture capital funds to become the next Flipkart or the next BigBasket.

The IT revolution has started in India along with a local tadka due to which every business will be disrupted also many new business models will emerge from startups incubated by professionals who are rich with experience from world’s largest multinationals. We are a part of this disruption and also  a part of this opportunity.

We enable these dreamers.

That’s why we are here!!

We Can Enable YOU To Ride This Wave

We are building a suite of friendly, people-centric, mobile/web based products for entrepreneurs and micro businesses. Our offerings include IT on-demand services, available as modular packages such as eCommerce, websites, inventory management, finance management, etc. to small businesses and startups so lets become partners to energize business, leveraging the growth of mobile, internet, cloud, analytics and internet of things.

 Effective, Efficient, Economical – We are EQTribe.

 We Have Decades of Experience of Software Product Development working for world’s top business software companies like SAP, Oracle. We know how to build world class business software moreover understanding  how products can be made which empower the users and delight them at the same time is our expertise.

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