The EQ Tribe

We are a product company catering to small and medium businesses. Our founders have a rich experience of some of the world's best software companies - SAP, Oracle, Infosys. Our company culture is open and modern, and values are people centric.

We are a team of passionate IT professionals who want to enable and be part of success stories in these exciting times of opportunity in India. With our collective experience of decades, across continents, being part of ground zero of the IT revolution that transformed how business is done, we believe we can bring enormous value to your business, now in India, at this moment.

We are very proud of the sustainable business model we are building and are sure that we will grow into a thriving and fulfilling workplace in years to come.




Mohit Shukla

Founder, CEO

Worked for SAP Labs, India, for 12+ years. Brings a solid expertise on ERP Systems and Software Quality, deep understanding of Financial Systems, Banking, Supply Chain etc. He is an expert in Lean, Agile and Design Thinking and consults/coaches other companies on these subjects.


Rachna Shukla

Founder, Chief Product Owner

Worked for Oracle, U.S. for 10+ years. Decade of experience in Analysis, Design and Development of System and Application Software. Besides, she is also an accomplished, professional fine art photographer. She has had three solo exhibitions of her photographic-art, and does portrait work at her studio.

Afreen Munawwar

Founder, CTO, Head EQTribe, Australia

Worked for Seeker Wireless (Sydney), Oracle and Infosys in India; possess good knowledge of technologies and practices across the IT industry. Currently mesmerised by the sophistication of modern web technologies.


Ruchi Pancholi

Partner & BD Head

Started her career with Infosys & worked there for 5 years, before boarding the entrepreneurship bandwagon. Managed series of businesses for around 9+ years thereon and calls herself a serial entrepreneur and a perennial learner. She likes taking challenges and has a keen understanding of business operations and strategy. She enjoys indulging in fitness and creative arts. She also enjoys writing and is a chief editor of JourneysUntold.JourneysUntold

The Team

We have an awesome team of self driven professional who enjoy all challenges thrown at them.

Shubham Verma

Prateek Jain

Shushmit Yadav

Zalak Dave

Gayatri A.

Pallavi Rao

Ganesha M

Deepali Chodankar


Shreya Kalangutkar

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