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RunMyOffice For Startups

Want to easily send personalised marketing mails to 100s of target customers in 1 minute?

email marketing is very effective in quickly reaching out a large target audience; personalised mails have a better chance of getting read and not ending up as spam

With RunMyOffice you can 

Send targeted mails like online brochures, newsletters, company branding

Use pre-composed templates

Every recipient gets a personalised email (no CC/BCC)

Contact info automatically included

Need to systematically keep all the expenses & bills at one place?

Get a bird's level view of all your cashflow. Scan all bills.

With RunMyOffice you can

Scan all bills and track all expenses

record all incomes

get a simple cashflow summary 

Is the fast evolving, uncertain environment of your innovative startup, leading to slip-ups and confusion?

Track work & projects from start to finish. Responsibilities and next steps must be clear, so you can shoot for the moon—and get there. Do great things together.


With RunMyOffice you can

Delegate to team and follow upto logical closure

Prioritise the work

Manage projects

Get realtime transparency of statuses

Let everyone feel responsible

Reduce slipups

And A Lot More

Reach Out To Market

Streamline Workflows

Real time cash flow status

e-Visitor book

keep customer data at one place

Team Collaboration

Multiply your team's output

Keep your customers up-to-date with new offerings/features  

Maximise business in every event where you showcase your innovation 

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