Do More With Less Stress

As a small business owner you have to accomplish so many things with limited resources, with few people, while the clock is always ticking!!

☹ Is your business data scattered in countless files and papers?

☹ Are you using multiple tools to manage your sales, work and other operations?

☹ Are you confident that you are able to follow all leads efficiently and are not missing important business opportunities?

☹ Do you feel the tools you are using to manage your business are way more complex than you would care for, and you use only a small set of features that are relevant for your business?


EQ RunMyOffice is now packed with awesome features that will help you

☺ get a bird’s eye view of your small business - right from your mobile

☺ know what’s going on in your business, from any place, any time

☺ insightful dashboards that give you a summary of all aspects of your business

Tailor made for small and micro-businesses

Zero setup, Zero configuration

No upfront cost, pay-as-you-go, free trial






Your Sales & Marketing

* Know the status of your sales pipeline in realtime

* Broadcast targeted, prewritten mass emails to relevant people

* Automate your marketing campaigns, put your data to work

* Timely followups of leads enabled by auto reminders and day planner

* Monitor sales progress and efficiency through stages in pipeline

* Keep notes, images, documents for each customer at one place

* Add labels for flexible organization

* Insightful sales dashboards

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Your Work

Assign & track tasks to closure *

Instant status updates *

Timely reminders *

Dashboard view of all tasks and activities *

Keep track of who is doing what *

Recurring tasks tracking *

Simple workflows *

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Your Money

* Your daybook or the diary of original entry

* Record transactions realtime, as they occur, by the person who made them

* Selectively share daybook entries with your accountant later

* Track receivables

* Mark received full/partial against receivables

* Auto reminders to person from whom to receive

* Expense tracking, coordination with CA

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Your Supplies

Track vendor orders & their deliveries *

Send reminders to vendors *

Take vendor specific notes for future *

Group sms/emails based on operational data *

Easy service request creation, tracking *

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All This At Easy Monthly Subscription

Start using EQ RunMyOffice today, with free trial period of one month.

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