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They developed features in their product EQ RunMyOffice based on how my business runs

We were losing leads worth lacs of rupees of business to competition every passing month. Thanks to EQ RunMyOffice, I am now in control. As a pilot customer of their product, I could guide features in their product based on my needs & my feedback. A perfect win-win for both.

Abhiney Singh
Director, LifeEducare (An education management consulting company)
Managing Director, Brighton International School


We trust EQTribe for a reliable cloud & mobile business platform

"EQTribe helped us nail down finer details of our own requirements. They quickly brought structure to my software development. In no time, application design was on paper and our cloud application began to take shape. They use most modern, cutting edge and reliable technologies which help us get ahead of any competition and make our technology investment future ready.

Co-founder & CEO,  (a logistics startup)
A startup building a logistics & fleet tracking platform







EQTribe developed a simple-to-use yet powerful mobile app EQ RunMyFPO for farmers

"EQTribe translated our vision of empowering Indian Farmers with technology for efficient management of their collective enterprises. In a short time, EQTribe was able to build (from scratch) an application suite named EQ RunMyFPO which has simple and smart mobile-based tools to manage a wide range of business and organisational activities within Farmer Producer Organisations."

Raghavendra Singh
Co-founder & CEO, Ecotribe Collaborative Agribusiness
Head, Agriculture Risk Management, Rural Insurance Services Programme, GIZ (when project was done)


EQTribe understood our business needs and built a mobile app EQ RunMyFPO accordingly

"EQTribe built a mobile app EQ RunMyFPO to manage agri stores of Farmers Producer Organisations (FPOs) automating day-to-day book-keeping, tracking of purchases & sales and staff. They build the app they way I wanted."

Aniruddha Shanbagh
Senior Advisor and National Programme Manager
GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH





EQTribe is instrumental in building a complex yet stable backend cloud platform

"Being a company focused on health & wellness, we knew it was financially & operationally more efficient to have a technology partner with strong credentials instead of building an in-house software team. While we in FirstLife focus on building, growing and running our startup, EQTribe designed and built our complete cloud based software platform, starting from an idea on post-its to paying customers. Today, my staff and my consumer app, all use the rock solid platform they built."

Nimish Soni & Subbu Basavanahalli
Co-founders, FirstLife
Wellness management company helping people live smart & live happy


EQTribe researched & found ways of securing our intellectual property on mobile apps

"EQTribe is helping us securing our intellectual property which goes to our users bundled inside our apps."

Latha Srinivasan
Founder & Director - ChipperSage Education
Facilitating easier learning of difficult concepts for children





EQTribe Understands Customer Satisfaction Well

“We have been working with EQTribe for outsourced development from the past 3.5 months, and I would like to thank them for their support and customer friendly approach. They always deliver the project requirement by going above and beyond of what is expected and give out their best”

Sumit Mishra
India Head, Nexar 

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