Take Your Business Online

Reach out to a larger market, bring your business online

Do all that with EQTribe’s powerful, agile and user friendly software products.

We are experts in making user friendly, robust products and applications that can scale and evolve over time.

Success Stories From Our Customers

EQ Sites + Custom

theREMworld - Dream Interpretation
Dream Interpretation Platform

EQ Sites - Product Catalog

BPL Medical Devices - Product Catalog
EQTribe platform provide all kinds of catalog for all types of your businesses whether it is a pharmaceutical business or it is a pharmaceutical business or any other website like ecommerce websites.

EQ Salesflow

Whitelabelled CRM for Fintech Platform
CRM to augment the product of a Fintech company

Outsourced Product Dev

Digital Microscopy for Spectral Insights
A hi-fidelity user interface for doctors and scientists with upto 100x zoom

Outsourced Product Dev

CausEcho - Civic Platform for Advocacy Groups
App based civic platform for cause based events

EQ Salesflow - offline CRM

Rural Insurance Offline CRM
Offline data collection for a Rural Insurance CRM

EQ Sites

e-SevaHub - Platform for Changemeakers
Platform for Changemakers and their Supporters

EQ Salesflow, Product Dev

Senzopt IOT - Smart Buildings
IOT company using EQ CRM, OPD

EQ Sites - ecommerce

Rimagined - Waste Upcycling
Marketplace for upcycled products

EQ Sites

Mindfully - Platform for Mental Wellness
Platform for mental wellness knowledge and counselling

We Understand You

  • We invest our time in understanding your business, your vision.
  • We have a rich experience of working with world's top business software companies in past.
  • Transparent dealings with customers
  • Personalized pre-sales and post-sales support

Get Started In No Time

  • Modular products that are tried and tested
  • With assisted onboarding and minimum configuration, you can get started in as quick as few days.
  • Self integrated products reduce implementation costs and hassle.
  • We own the technology stack, so we scale up/customize as per your requirements.

Design Meets Engineering

  • Get your sites custom designed to boost your brand.
  • We work with mumbai based design & branding partners - Entropy Designs.
  • Our Apps are designed for simplicity and trimmed to the most used features.
  • No need of wasteful trainings for staff, simple Apps that they can learn with few times of usage.

Think Long Term, High Value

  • Our ready to use products/Apps are designed to support your business for long term, but require no large upfront investments.
  • You can build the IT platform for your business over time, using our modular software to keep the operational costs low.
  • We deliver feature rich, future ready, quality products, integrated with each other.
  • Ride the power of tried and tested software.

Select The Right Products For Your Needs

  • You can get started with one or more of our products that fit your needs
  • Start building a comprehensive platform over the next couple of years, piece by piece, without investing a large amount in one go
  • Our products let an organization build their platform, tailored to their business/operational model, in a modular fashion
  • All our products are internally integrated, running on the same unified platform

Quick and easy portals & websites

EQ Sites - Get Online Within A Week
Corporate Sites, Product Catalogs, e-Commerce, Marketplace, Online Directory

Doing business just got easier

EQ Office - Efficient Sales & Operations
Chaotic work? Manual status checks?

CRM to increase sales efficiency

EQ Salesflow - Friendly, Efficient CRM
CRM for Sales that helps the organisations to manage end-to-end sales cycle

Increase operations efficiency

EQ Workflow - Efficient Work Management
Chaotic work? Manual status checks?

Bye bye staff XL sheets

EQ Staff - Timesheets, Leaves, Vacations
Make your team more efficient with self service app


EQ Stock Flow - Simple, Effective Stock Keeping
Roadmap App - Coming Soon

White Label Or Customize For YOUR Business Model

Our products are designed to be extensible, and lend to business specific customizations. We can build custom features that align with your business model.

Some of our products can be white labeled with your branding. You can even augment your offering with one of our products by  integrating with us.

Looking for a comprehensive solution and partnership? Here are the services we offer.

Digital Marketing
Reach Out To A Wider Audience, Strengthen Your Brand
Outsourced Product Development
Custom Web Apps, Mobile Apps etc
UX Designing
Effective UX Designing For A Succesful Product
Requirements Analysis
For Accurate Cost and Time Estimates

The Team That Has Earned Our Customers’ Trust

Our founders have a rich experience of some of the world's best software companies - SAP, Oracle, Infosys. This brings deep understanding of how to develop quality business software that serves you not just now, but is future ready for your evolving requirements.

We take pride in our team having a deep sense of design and art, that reflects in the work we do. 

Our Engineers are mindful of not just the functional but also other important aspects of software, like usability, security, future extensibility, and more.

Our company culture is open and modern, and values are people-centric. As a company, we invest heavily on a great work culture by keeping it transparent and inclusive. This ensures that our team faces negligible attrition thereby allowing us to retain knowledge about your business and delight you with our service.