list all your bussiness contacts

Missing out potential business opportunities?


Communicate better with your existing business network



  • Keep a centralised address book shared across your team with right access controls.
  • A specialised app for business contacts, separate from personal address book.
  • Automatically send timely festival and birthday greetings without fail.
  • Categorize the contacts as leads, by geography, by relationship.
  • Easily broadcast personalised mails to business contacts.
  • Maintain visitor books for your office and events.

Ratings & Reviews

4.4 out of 5

Maintaining contacts now easy!

All my business contacts are now stored in one place and are organized as per leads, opportunity or current customer.The timely greetings and birthday wishes helps me maintain a  personal relation with the customers.

- Zalak

No contacts lost.

Whenever i did an exhibition about 20% of my prospective customers were lost as I was not able to capture their details or lost their business card. Now through RunMyOffice I can capture all my contacts and increase my business network.

- Rachana Shukla

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