Track the story behind the activities

Need to keep more details relating to a customer


Keep notes, pictures, conversations, lists tied to where they belong. Access them from anywhere, anytime




  • A complete chatbox for team to communicate without loss of thread like in public mediums.
  • Scanned bills, documents, notes, conversations for your income & expenses
  • Notes, pictures, conversations for your sales visits & follow up calls
  • Notes, visiting cards, pictures of your leads & customers
  • Notes, pictures, conversations for your service visits
  • Notes, pictures, conversations for tasks

Ratings & Reviews

4.4 out of 5

More information available easily

Now I am able to upload the visiting cards of my customers or leads in the same system as the details.Also all the different details like notes of requirement or details of conversion are now available for reference.
- Deepali

single place for all data

All the details about a customer like last service done, details of that service and also the bill generated can be scanned and stored with the individual details.No need to now maintain different sets of records
- Abhinav

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