EQ Business Platform Custom Development

Get Uniqueness of Your Business Model Added On to EQ Business Cloud Solution

Our work starts with your initial project consideration and planning and tracks with you through launch and beyond. We offer expert guidance and hands-on partnership every step of the way, freeing you up to focus on your core business activities/ core competencies

Getting Started

Now that you have chosen the solution to meet your requirements, you might require customisation of the solution as per your business model

Customise As Much As You Like

Every business is unique. It has special requirements regarding its products, line of business, and internal organisation. All of your requirements that you know today and those that you don’t even know today are taken care of by our continuous delivery model. EQTribe’s Agile Engagement Model

Lean-Agile development Model

So that the development responds to changes in evolving ideas in a low cost Lean-Agile development Model
  • Detailing of requirements and designing of software done in each development sprint
  • Agility combined with a lean development that reduces wastage and lowers the cost

Advantages of Lean-Agile Development

  • You will see “working software” as it gets developed instead of status excel sheets
  • You can give feedback in between and the development will respond to change
  • If a new business problem comes up that is not foreseen today, can be handled easily in agile model
  • Product will come out very well as feedbacks are quickly implemented Reduced cost due to Lesser rework

We Are Lean

Reduce wastage by going in small incremental steps

We Are Agile

Respond quickly to evolving user needs

Predictable Pricing Model

The total price has following components

Subscription Price of Base Plan of your choice
Cost of all your Change Requests

Choose a Pricing Plan for Cloud Platform Custom Development

Slow & Steady
On Demand Steady Development Speed Dedicated Development Team for High Speed Development
This is suited when the expected changes are very few, sporadic and are less time sensitive. This is suitable if you want to slowly build & evolve your application. This is suitable if you need laser focused attention with highest velocity of development & delivery
Based on your work package, EQTribe determines and allocates the required staffing. Based on your continuous flow of requirements, EQTribe determines the required staffing (software engineers, testers, architect, project manager, system administrators, etc). The staffing changes over time. You can control the speed of development by deciding the monthly budget. Staffing grows or shrinks based on the budget changes. Dedicated full time staff are allocated for your project. You have complete control on speed of development by deciding the monthly budget or by deciding your staffing needs. Staffing grows or shrinks based on your needs.
Separate pricing for each work package

$650 to $2,500

onwards per month.
Range for monthly retainer-ship. You can chose as per your budget


onwards per month.
Standard engineering rates start from for engineers. Varies as per skills and experience.

Send work package document to sales team to get quote Discuss your requirements and budget with sales team. Request sales team for rate card.