know the exact posotiom where your customer is

Improve your sales performance


Increase sales by systematically managing your sales process & people



  • Know progress on each lead by tracking all sales calls & follow-ups.
  • Maintain an integrated visitors book for lead generation.
  • Charts to monitor your sales performance & trends.
  • Assign sales staff to leads & customers.
  • Email marketing at your fingertips.
  • Group by pipeline stages.

Ratings & Reviews

4.4 out of 5

Easy to manage my customers.

Since i started using this app managing a track of all my customers has really become easy. I can now follow-up on customers and also send mails to just one group at a time.

- Ganesha M.

getting information made easy!

I have a lot of enquires happening but then really dont know what is happening or what went wrong, why are the leads not translating to sales.Now i can track all my leads with an assigned staff member and am also able to monitor their feedback.

- Minhaz saiyed

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