Digital Reciept automatically sent

Are your creditors always following up for payment confirmations?

Digital receipt book

Send receipts as and when payment is processed. A click-work’s done.



  • Real-time process of recording payments and sending confirmation
  • Easily conveyed to creditors that payments is received
  • Set a format once, receipts made automatically
  • No need for creditors for followup
  • Saves time

Ratings & Reviews

4.4 out of 5

Automatic receipts are sent.

It has become really easy to track payments as i receive as well as send automatic receipts as and when payments are recorded in the system.Now there is no need to manually followup for payment confirmations.
- Pranit Roy

saves so much of my time

Earlier as and when payments were received, I had to manually confirm that the amount was realised and also had to make receipts for proof of payments.Now my system automatically does this saving a lot of my time.
- Shekhar

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