EQTribe’s Twitter Playbook

This is the second post in our blog series about marketing essentials for startups and small businesses. In another post, Devesh Kumar talked about How Should Small Business Use TWITTER For Marketing Advantage? , which is a vital overview on how small businesses could use twitter for marketing and engaging better with current and potential customers. 

This post describes the Playbook for EQTribe’s Twitter Activities, essentially outlining how EQTribe uses twitter to reach out to market. The playbook is designed to be concise and actionable.

This could also be a good example of other small businesses who wish to use Twitter for their own go-to-market or customer engagement strategy. Obviously this borrows ideas from Devesh Kumar’s original post.


Action Item Summary

Spend around 30 minutes every day, to do following activities:

  1. Create various types of content:
    1. Create a banners which have very very succinct message that prompts user to open your website.
    2. Create posts that are pages from the website
    3. Small Business Related Policies
  2. Follow TG and influencers
  3. Every day, tweet at least once
  4. Every day reply to at least 5 tweets. Actively reply to handles we follow, promote our site/banners in replies.

Rest of the blog that follows explains these actions.


EQTribe’s business objectives for Twitter

  • Generate Leads & Sales
  • Build brand and product awareness

Specific Measurable Goals

  1. Use Twitter to drive 50 RunMyOffice sign-ups per month
  2. Describe RunMyOffice product in no more than 50 tweets

Target Audience

  1. Startups
  2. Small Businesses
  3. Associations of Small Businesses
  4. Influencers (investors)

Note: RunMyOffice is for tech savvy small business-persons. To a reasonable extent, the choice of Twitter as a medium ensures that the audience is reasonably tech savvy.  


Twitter content strategy must be integrated with overall content strategy. The primary source of content are:

  1. EQTribe Website / RunMyOffice pages

Content Type 1: Create a banners which have very very succinct message that  prompts user to open your website.

A sample Banner in twitter



And it appears on twitter like this on phone:

runmyoffice twitter


Notice how the key message is written in centre so that it is completely visible even when the reader is simply scrolling in his tweets.

Content Type 2: Create posts that are pages from the website


Content Type 3: Small Business Related Policies

As RunMyOffice’s target audience are small businesses & startups, tweet information that is useful for them. There are several policies and incentives that governments draft for the target group.

Examples of such tweets:

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

Notice how handles like @startupsignite @NASSCOMStartUps are added to the post to increase the reach to target audience.

Sources of govt sites:

Engage with your audience

Follow people who are either in RunMyOffice Target Audience (described above) or are influencers of these. Follow startups, investors, small businesses, associations, etc.

Reply to their tweets. When replying to their tweets add information or banners from the app content or give links to the site.