EQTribe Business Software

Ready made business software tailored for your business model

Websites & Portals

Your interface to your customers and partners so that you can reach out to all who matter

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Business Processes

Make your team work with a clock like precision with our ERP, Workflows, CRM, Staff, Inventory, Cashflow modules

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Business Intelligence

Control your business by knowing what's going on

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Forms For Data Collection

Get all data collected by large number of people from mobile and browser their and store in a structured form

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Software Engineering Services

Outsourced Development

We build your proprietary web apps and mobile apps that you own as per your exact requirements.

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Documenting SOW & SRS

When the requirements are not clearly documented, we help document Statement of Work or Software Requirements Specs that can be used to estimate and build the software

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Web Content Management

Content writing for the portals and solutions we build

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UX Designing

We design habit forming user experiences

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A variety of businesses work with us

Industries we’ve worked with

Medical, Fin-tech, Banking, Insurance, IOT, Travel, Home Care, Education, Real Estate, Social, Agriculture, Waste Management, Retail

Business Models we have built for

Retailer, Aggregator, Services Business, Yellow Pages, Marketplace, Social Media, Reviews Portal, Directory of Businesses

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We Are Different

Our Software is Your Business Model

We translate your business model into fully customised web portals, internal corporate portals & mobile apps. Standard software gives a quickstart but you are constrained by their limited features while we build portals & apps that are full customised as per your unique business model.

Insightful Technology Advisory Services

Our work starts with your initial project consideration and planning and tracks with you through launch and beyond. We offer expert guidance and hands-on partnership every step of the way, freeing you up to focus on your core business activities/ core competencies

Habit Forming User Experience

Our UI & UX design team focuses on building simple, modern, habit forming software that hook their users to keep coming back

We Are A Happy Company

As a company, we invest heavily on a great work culture by keeping it transparent and inclusive. This ensures that our team faces negligible attrition thereby allowing us to retain knowledge about your business and delight you with our service.

Our secret ingredient

We are Customer Success Obsessed

High Tech - AI & IOT

Eqtribe Business Software

Premium Lifestyle

Eqtribe Business Software


Eqtribe Business Software

Banking & Insurance

Eqtribe Business Software

Social Entrepreneurship

Eqtribe Business Software


Eqtribe Business Software

Why can’t others beat us in speed?

We have developed building blocks over last several years ...

Eqtribe Business Software

...which we use to make highly customised and sophisticated solutions tailored to your model

Our Comprehensive Business Software Platform

Explore Our Solutions


Corporate Website
Website for your company

eCommerce Store
Online shop

Multi vendor market

Social Media
For users to share & communicate

Publish products & services

Partner Lifecycle Management
Control all your partnership across lifecycle


Customer Relationship Management
Manage your customer relationship better

Sales Pipeline
Manage your sales force

For users to share & communicate

Service Management
Ticking for customer support

Services Business Management
Manage your services business

Employee Self Service Portal
Attendance, policies, claims, etc

Project Management
Get work moving fast


IOT Dashboards
Dashboards for IOT solutions

Enterprise Dashboards
Get charts on data spread across enterprise

Sales Dashboards
Monitor your sales progress

Business Health
Set goals and monitor progress


Field Data Collection
Mobile app for field staff

Foolproof geotagged images

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Read text from scans & images



We are management consultants for schools based out of Central India. EQTribe designed and built our marketing website. With this website, we are able to generate sales-ready leads. We recently closed a high value lead from remote north-eastern part of India. Their simple to use CRM on web and mobile helps our sales team to track our leads and projects using a built in workflow management system. Thanks to EQRunMyOffice, I am now in control of my sales and even getting online leads. Their support team is just a WhatsApp message away!.

Founder & CEO, LifeEduCare

EQTribe translated our vision of empowering Indian Farmers with technology for efficient management of their collective enterprises. In a short time, EQTribe was able to build (from scratch) an application suite named EQ RunMyFPO which has simple and smart mobile-based tools to manage a wide range of business and organisational activities within Farmer Producer Organisations.

Co-founder & CEO,GIZ

EQTribe built a mobile app EQ RunMyFPO to manage agri stores of Farmers Producer Organisations (FPOs) automating day-to-day book-keeping, tracking of purchases & sales and staff. They build the app they way I wanted.

Senior Advisor and National Programme Manager GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH

EQTribe is helping us securing our intellectual property which goes to our users bundled inside our apps.

Founder & Director - ChipperSage Educationinivasan,

We have been working with EQTribe for outsourced development from the past 3.5 months, and I would like to thank them for their support and customer friendly approach. They always deliver the project requirement by going above and beyond of what is expected and give out their best

India Head, Nexar
testimonial profile image

We wanted a simple, lightweight tool to manage sales pipeline for our startup. RunMyOffice fits the bill. With its simple interface, one can start using it right after the download. The follow-up tracker and sales chart let us ascertain the health of our sales pipelines quickly and easily. We never miss opportunities of lack of timely follow-ups after RunMyOffice.

Senzopt - An IOT Startup

Working with EQTribe team has been a pleasant experience for our first project together. The use of tools from Run My Office seem to make it very efficient to organize communication, backlogs, and tracking. And the people behind this are the most approachable, happy to share their knowledge, and work with us towards achieving our intended outcome. This is what makes the biggest difference for a new engagement. Looking forward to post again at the completion of our first product roll out.

Co-founder and Ceo - Spectral Insight
testimonial profile image

Really loved the vibe in your office. Needless to say those photos! You guys are building a great team and great proposition. I’m certain 2019 will be a great success for both of our organizations together. Cheers!

Co-Founder at EPIKInDiFi
testimonial profile image

A consulting startup in Education - We were losing leads worth lacs of rupees of business  to competition every passing months. Thanks to EQRunMyOffice, I am now in control. We also manage our delivery projects through it and collaborate with our clients. We also like that their support is just a WhatsApp message away!.

LifeEducare-A consulting startup in Education
testimonial profile image

RunMyOffice saves a lot of our time which earlier went in coordination and delegation . It is the perfect app for small team. We love its simplicity and use it to manage our services visits, its timely reminders  and day planner helps in completing all important work on time,every time.

ElderAid - A Service Startup for Elder Care
testimonial profile image

<p">We are looking forward to more ForceMultiplier effect as we enhance our partnership with EQTribe . It was great to visit EQTribe office and meet the team. Great office and awesome leaders Mohit Shukla Ruchi Pancholi. Thanks Mohit and Ruchi for being a wonderful host. Looking forward to a great 2019 together!

Co-Founder at EPIKInDiFi