LifeEducare, Bangalore

About LifeEducare

LIFE Educare is one of India’s leading Education & Consulting companies in the field of Education Management.

 - Company size: 10-16 employees

 - Headquarters: Raipur, Chhattisgarh

 - Specialties: Education & Consulting company

Business Requirement

- Lifeeducare wanted a website with a new layout and design.
- Website which is more secure with improved seo.
- hosting


Solution By EQTribe

At the start Eqtribe migrated the website to a web platform which makes it easier for business users of Life Educare to maintain the content. A fresh and more user friendly design was built.
Technology Highlights: The Website is built on WordPress.

Business Benefits for LifeEducare

- With the website LifeEducare is able to generate Sales-ready leads.
- Responsive Website Design
- user-friendly design