A financial dashboard

Is it becoming difficult to estimate your cash flows?

Money management made easy

Know exact amount of moneys at play and at hand.Be safe!



  • The charts show complete analysis of money transactions for a select period
  • The amount received/paid in part is displayed to know the outstandings
  • Easy planning of payments to be made against that to be received
  • Overview of business done in terms of moneys involved
  • An quick overview of the net earnings

Ratings & Reviews

4.4 out of 5

Easy to determine further policies

Since an overview of the business is available in plain monetary terms it is easy to determine how to progress further and frame our business policies
- Nachiket

Reduced stress as all info available at one place

Money planning used to give me too much stress because i had to scroll through all my buyers files to understand the outstanding amounts.With RunMyOffice now all data is available on my phone which helps me establish credit limits for the accounts.
- Manoj Pandey

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