Musyfy, Canada

About Musyfy

Musyfy Inc. is a Canada based company that builds innovative and low cost tools that helps online retailers enhance customer experience, increase customer loyalty and provide analytical insights.

 - Company size: 11-50 employees

 - Headquarters: Canada

 - Specialties: Music and Audio messaging player

Business Requirement

A lightweight, responsive, universal music plugin that can be embedded in any web application. The plugin loads by default whenever a visitor visits the website of the online retailer and play pre-configured musical tracks. It should handle seemlessness of music if multiple sites are getting opened/closed till the last tab of browser which have that player.


Solution By EQTribe

EQTribe team researched and figured out best technologies to get the desired outcome.
1) Hosted music player as a CDN which makes it a platform independent.
2) Seamless play even when the browser page is getting reloaded
3) Seamless play across different websites of different retailers that use musify plugin
4) Seamless play as the user browses across the browser tabs / multiple windows

Technology Highlight:
1) PostgreSQL(Database)
3) React(Frontend)