Does tracking your messy finances takes precious time away from core business?


A dashboard shows all your money transactions on one page which is very easy to understand even for non-accountants.



  • Auto-reminders to customers to for timely payments
  • Easily share your day book with your accountant
  • Scan bills and receipts for your record
  • Paperless expense workflows
  • A financial dashboard
  • e Receipt Book

Ratings & Reviews

4.4 out of 5

It's very user-friendly!

It's very Hasslefree to use... Now I am happily tracking my finances:-) and the thing i wondered about was, money transactions which is very understandable..

- Sarojini Pasupuleti

Auto-reminders saves a lot of time

I am so glad about the auto-reminders feature, which saves a lot of my time. And i can share my daybook with my accountant.. By all means, my business getting more efficiency as compared to the earlier business status.

- Roja

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