Outsourced Product Development

Get your product developed by experts.

We engage with our customers with a long- term multi-year view. For our customers a long term partnership helps in keeping the costs low. We set-up dedicated teams which over time learn your business and are able to implement not just your explicitly stated requirements but also the implicit ones.

Technology Stack

The technology stack that we use are following:

Front End Application

Tech Stack: Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

We develop front ends as a SPA (single page application). Single Page Applications and fast, highly responsive and is the modern way of developing web apps.  Using angular and angular material give us many out of the box UI components which reduce cost and time to deliver by almost 50%.

Server Side Back End Application

Tech Stack: Express.js, Node.js, Sails.js, MongoMySQL, Mongo, AWS, Microsoft Azure

Mobile App

We develop mobile apps for all platforms & devices (iPhone, iPads, Android Phones, Android Tablets)

Technology Used: Ionic

Dev Ops

Tools: Jira, Bitbucket, Selenium, Protractor


Development Model Options

choose your model

Fixed Price

Time & Material

Best Suited For Best Suited for projects where there is a written Scope of Work Document Best Suited where a general direction is known but details of requirememts are evolving
Inputs required From Client Scope of Work Document General Direction, rough drawings
Cost Higher Pay As You Go
Project Management Cost No