Web Sites

Web portals are your interface to your customers and partners so that you can reach out to all who matter. We take up turnkey projects where we make sure that your websites & web portals do the work for you. They reach out to the world with targeted digital marketing campaigns, bring traffic, showcase your products, engage your clients, generate leads, connect with vendors & partners and collect payments.


Nothing Like Travel An international travel marketplace

Life Educare: Corporate portal of an consulting company in the education industry

CareManto: A premium home-care services business

Studio Kriti: Website of a fine art photographer

India School Guide: An e-marketing platform for boarding schools in India

JourneysUntold: An online magazine

EQTribe: Our own company website

EQ Support: A documentation website for first level of user support


ShikshaMitra is a not-for profit initiative by active citizens of Whitefield (Bangalore). This is a platform where corporates and individuals can help children from economically weaker sections of society who study in Government Schools. As part of its corporate responsibility towards society, EQTribe has partnered with ShikshaMitra to design and build this online platform where donors can donate specific amounts to schools of their choice and for cause of their liking. ShikshaMitra team can track every donation using the CRM and Daybook which is built into the platform.

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are designed to give a business sticky user bases who comes back again and again. The user experience is designed to hook the users by giving them instant results of their actions.


RunMyOffice (Android & iOS ) : a simple yet powerful app for small entrepreneur to manage their business (CRM, Workflows, Staff, Marketing, Daybook)  - read more

RMO Rural Insurance (Android): 150+ doctors are using this app to help farmers in rural areas of Central India to claim cattle insurance  - read more

WhereIsMySKU (Android) : Special purpose app for a management team for Ericsson to track global inventory of a specific program  - read more

EZ Staff (Android, iOS) : App to manage your staff leave, workflow, assets - read more