send remainders for payment

Tired of following up for payments?

Automatic Reminders for Payments due

Schedule reminders for payments and forget the troubles of calling



  • Mails sent to the customer automatically as payment deadline approaches
  • Set last dates for payments to be made as per set credit limit
  • Payments arriving on time increases your capital turnover
  • Schedule your reminders at regular intervals
  • Automated system saves time and energy

Ratings & Reviews

4.4 out of 5

Easy communication with customers

Automatic mails are set as per the details set in the system which means that all my customers are informed on time that payment is due. I don't have to manually get into the mess of calling everyone for payment reminder.
Improved cash turnover ratio

Money planning used to give me too much stress because my payments mostly got delayed. now since automated mails go to the customer to pay up mostly payments come on time which has increased my cash turnover ratio and my business gained more liquidity.

-Mehul Jani

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