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theREMworld is a platform to help unlock the potential of your dreams and subconscious. They plan to become one place to go to create your dream journal, uncover the hidden messages in them and unlock your creativity & potential by listening to your subconscious. We take dreaming and its potential to help make us realize our dreams of waking life very seriously. The platform is targeted towards folks like us and will evolve as we sign up users and panel dream analysts – from a hobbyist to practicing professional!

business profile

theREMWorld is an online platform where any one can get their dreams interpreted from the experts located anywhere in the world. theREMworld has empaneled dream interpreters who provide the service for a paid subscription

business challenge

The business problem was to get a competent software engineering team which could convert the concept into a version 1 working website. The user experience had to be simple to use but with its own unique dreamlike looks.

Quick Facts

theREMworld - Dream Interpretation

Client Name theREMworld


Industry Social

Company Size 1-10 employees

City Santa Clara

Country USA

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