Know Your Leads, Sales, Customers

Increase your sales by making it more data driven and well tracked



Conversion of Leads to Sales

Know how many leads are getting missed out


How many opportunities do you lose every month?

Is your business improving with time?

Are you losing too many opportunities?

Trend of Leads Creation

Know how are you improving on creation of leads

Is leads creation cyclic?

Are you improving ?

What’s the impact of marketing campaigns?



Sales This Month

Know how far are you from monthly target and average

Do you always know how much you have sold this month?

Are you ahead of targets or lagging ?

Expecting & Upcoming Business

Get a snapshot of your top line and the opportunities

Know how much is your current order book?

Quickly deliver and tap available opportunities.



Number of deals lost by reason

Why are you losing business that comes on the way

What are the main causes of losing business

Are you taking right steps to tackle the causes?

Leads Created By Month

Know how your staff is bringing new business


Is each sales person bringing sufficient leads?

Are some sales staff consistently low or high performers?

Work together, track all the work in your office

Make your team more effective, achieve more with same people>/p>



Backlog of Work

Know the to-do list of your business

Does your team sometimes slips on timelines?

Do you find tough to always remember what are works to be done?



Statuswise Work

Know what is completed and what’s in-progress

Do you know which work is not yet started?

Do you know what activities are currently in-progress?

Who Is Doing What

Keep track of every individual in your team

Do you find tough to remember whom did you asked to do what?



State of My Money

Keep most critical financial numbers on your fingertips

Set your targets

Set you lower limits, get alerts

Be in control

Open Receivables

Know all your open receivables all the time, close them

Reduce delays in collections

Keep receivables under check

Pause deliveries for customer crossing your credit tolerance