Frequently Asked Questions

Access from various devices

Can I access the app from by laptop/desktop?

Yes, you can. While the primary usage of EQ RunMyOffice is using Android phone or iphone, you can access the app from your laptops or desktops from any browser.

Can I access from Windows or blackberry phone?

There are no apps as of now for these devices. You can use browser to access the app

Can I access from tablet?

You can install app from google playstore or apple app store. For any other tablets, access the app using your browser.

How can I access the app from browser?

You can use any browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari to access the app by going to


Is my data safe?

Yes, absolutely. EQ RunMyOffice is constantly backed up by EQTribe.

Is my data secure?

Yes, absolutely. EQTribe does not sell or share your data to any one. Your data is your property. Period!

How do I protect my data if an employee leaves?

Go to Staff -> -> menu and click remove. This person can no longer access any data of your business.

Other questions

I am stuck somewhere in the app, what should I do?

Please send a mail to with your issue and phone number. We will get back to you in no time.

I have my data in excel/spreadsheets. Is there a bulk upload option?

Bulk upload is not a standard feature. Send the data to and our administrator will upload the data for you as a one time setup activity.

What if I want more features?

Please contact EQTribe ( and we will include your new feature requests in our roadmap. New feature requests could be chargeable or free.

How can I get my staff trained on EQ RunMyOffice?

If one can use facebook or whatsapp, he or she can use EQ RunMyOffice. No training required. In case of any issues, mail us at