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Visvesvaraya Trade Promotion Centre (VTPC)

is successfully using RunMyOffice. 

Want to easily send personalised mails to 100s of members in 1 minute?

Very few read the mails on google groups; group mails result in unwanted discussions; personalised mails have a better chance of getting read and not ending up as spam

With RunMyOffice you can 

Send targeted mails like online brochures, newsletters, company branding

Use pre-composed templates

Every recipient gets a personalised email (no CC/BCC)

Contact info automatically included

personalised mail
create receivable

Fed up of constantly reminding your members for payments?

People pay on time if reminded. Automating reminders saves a lot of your time.

With RunMyOffice you can 

Setup reminders for receivables by just filling a simple form

Members getting agitated when the staff does not cater to them on time?

Your staff has a lot of work to do. Sometimes the slippages are genuine oversights. Sometimes its lack of monitoring.

With RunMyOffice you can

Delegate to team and follow upto logical closure

Prioritise the work

Manage projects

Get realtime transparency of statuses

Let everyone feel responsible

Reduce slipups

work task backlog

And A Lot More

Reach Out To Market

Streamline Workflows

Real time cash flow status

e-Visitor book

Publish Member Directory

Team Collaboration

Connect members with each other on relevant matters

Make sure members know all policies

Arrange events for members