Always be aware of every single penny spent by you and your staff with EQ RunMyOffice

Easily control who spends what and keep all bills at one place


A financial dashboard at your home screen

Know the status of your cash, receivables, payables and expenses in real time

charts screen
payables screenshot
recievables screenshot


Know all your Payables & Receivables

Know all the payables and pay to your vendors on time. 

Know all the receivables and get money from your customers on time. 


Know each expense/income as it happens

You & your staff can record each expense & income so that all info is at your fingertips. Even scan the bills as you spend money. Your accountant can directly access the bills and the expense details. 

money paid
money received


Automatic reminders to those who owe you money

Customers get automatic reminders on SMS & email, so that they don't forget to pay you on time.

automatic remainder for pending payment


Or you remind them on a single click

Customers will get an email/SMS with all the details of pending payment

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