EQ RunMyOffice for Service Providing Companies

Onsite Service Providing Companies

* Business is to provide services to customers/consumers, on site

* Not a large team, roughly of 10 people

* Staff consists of administrative people, sales people and field staff

* All staff educated and can use smart phones

Business Activities To Be Done

Solution with EQ RunMyOffice

Service Visits

* Service staff visits consumers.

* Their day and visits has to be planned in advance. This is a “Service Beat” like a “Sales Beat”.

* Each visit has to be tracked for status, time.

* For consumer to be visited, some information has to be recorded. These can be known indicators, images and other notes.

Service Visits

* Service visits to be made can be captured in RMO, as tasks. These can be assigned to the right service staff, and given a due date. With status = “TODO”. Criticality etc can also be set accordingly.

* These tasks/visits will start appearing in “Day Planner” for the respective staff.

* Later at some time the staff can confirm the visit by changing the status to “Scheduled” and setting date to the scheduled date if different.

* Staff will get auto reminders two days before. When the visit is made, notes, images can be added to the “Task”. Status can be set to “Completed”. The task will be struck off from the day planner.

* Repeating visits/tasks can also be set.


* Leads have to be tracked.

* Followups have to be tracked and monitored.

* Dashboards are needed to understand the efficiency of sales process.

* May need to track birthdays, anniversaries of customers.


* Leads and prospects can be tracked. They can be assigned to staff who is responsible for them.

* Follow up tasks can be created on a click that will start appearing on sales staff’s “day planner”.

* Progress board for easy and structured followups.

* Insightful dashboards for sales activities.

* Notes, images can be attached to any lead/prospect/customer.

* Advanced search based on various attributes that can be set for any lead/prospect/customer.

* Labels can be attached to lead/prospect/customer for flexible categorization.

* Stages can be set for prospects.

* You can define your own service packages offered and set it on prospects/customer.

Payments/Expenses & Receivables

* Pending receivables have to be tracked.

* Sundry expenses have to be tracked, paid already by company, as well as payable by company(paid by staff).

* Expenses made by staff have to be approved.

* Expenses, payments have to be communicated to CA.

* Tally/Quickbooks is not accessed by all in the staff – app can be used to record the initial entry in an easy way, real time.

Payments/Expenses & Receivables

* Track receivables.

* Assign staff to receivable, to get reminders.

* Mark received full/partial against receivables.

* Auto reminders to person from whom to receive.

* Auto send receipts when money received.

* Let staff record sundry expenses as and when they are made. Start approval workflow.

Communication with Customer

* Service visits and the details captured have to be shared with customers.

* Periodic circulars/newsletters have to be communicated to customers, prospects.

* Other information/announcements have to be communicated to customers, prospects.

Communication with Customer

* Auto SMS can be sent to consumer/customers when visit is scheduled/rescheduled.

* Auto email can be sent to consumer/customers when visit is completed with all its details(notes, images etc).

Benefits of EQ RunMyOffice

EQ RunMyOffice is a product especially designed and built for small businesses just like yours. We strive to make life easy for a small business owner who has so much to do that he cannot have enough time for his life and family.

* Using EQ RunMyOffice you will have all your business info at fingertips.

* Know what’s going on in your business, anywhere anytime, without calling anyone or opening up your laptop.

* Plan better, coordinate better, monitor smart, communicate smart.

* One single unified app that covers you on all operational aspects – no more juggling between multiple apps

* Business data no more scattered in multiple files and sheets

When you sign up for the pilot program we are running this month, you get in-person workshops, one-on-one attention and support, and your feedback and requirements influence the product roadmap.


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