Assisted Mode for RunMyOffice Beginners

The panel on your right is how RunMyOffice would look on your phone. Its designed for browser running in PC only and may not work properly on phone. For best experience on phone, please download the app. RunMyOffice is primarily designed for a great experience on your phone. 

Read The Steps Below & Execute in Right Panel

You are only moments away from discovering the finest tool for your small business. RunMyOffice is the most intuitive, powerful, and enjoyable business app you will ever use.

Steps to Sign Up for an EQ Account that you can use used to access all EQ apps:

  1. Press Create Your EQ Account button.
  2. On Create Your EQ Account screen, Enter all details and press Done. The email and password you entered will be your user ID and password for all apps from EQTribe.
  3. To verify the authenticity of users and to keep the data secure, you would have received an One Time Password or an OTP in an email (and also on phone in India). Enter the OTP, Read the message and press Verify button.
  4. One your One Time Password is verified you get a welcome email. Now your email ID is your user ID to access EQ RunMyOffice and other apps by EQTribe. Read the message and Press OK.
  5. You will now see the login screen. Enter your email ID (which is your user ID for EQ Apps) and the password you entered earlier.

Congratulations! You are now Signed In to the app.

Steps to broadcast a templated mail to a target group:

  1. Go to Menu / Business Settings / Templates
  2. Press + (plus) button to create a template
  3. Create a mail template
    1. Select Welcome Mail if you want this template to go to all new entries in address book, leads or contacts.
    2. Enter all all other info
    3. Press Done
  4. Go to  Menu / Sales/Customers / List
  5. Filter the list to all those whom you want to broadcast a mail
  6. Click on Broadcast icon
  7. Select Template
  8. Click Send

Congratulations, you have just broadcasted a personalised mail to your target group.

Following steps will bring all your google contacts into RunMyOffice.
  1. Export Gmail contacts
    1. From your Gmail account, choose Gmail >Contacts.
    2. Select More >Export.
    3. Choose the contact group you want to export.
    4. Choose the export format Google CSV (for importing into Outlook or another application).
    5. Choose Export.
    6. When prompted, choose Save As, and browse to a location to save the file.
    7. Send the contact
  2. Send the export file to We will upload your contacts with in 1 working day.
  1. Go to Menu / Team/Staff
  2. Press + (plus) button
  3. Fill all details
  4. Press Save
  5. Choose if you want to give app access to the newly added team mate

The team mate is added. He/She will get an email with set of instructions to download and get started.

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