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LIFE Educare is an Education Consulting Company for schools originated from Central India operating since 2009. LIFE helps entrepreneurs setup schools by providing their deep expertise of setting up and managing school in India.

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We trust EQTribe for a reliable web portal and CRM

"Once we started our office in Bangalore in 2017, we wanted better visibility and high value clients. Each school we setup falls under an investment range of Rs 10-100 Crores (US$1.5 to 15 million). Getting those kind of clients interested in our company digitally was a great challenge for us as our eight year old website was really not generating potential clients for us online.  EQTribe designed and built our company website ‘just what we wanted’. Thanks to EQRunMyOffice, we now are generating a lot of online buzz resulting into quality leads. We recently closed a high value lead from remote north-eastern part of India. Their simple to use CRM on web and mobile helps our Business Development team to track our leads and projects using a built in workflow management system. Their support team is just a WhatsApp message away!."

Dr Dhirendra Mishra, Founder & Director - LIFE Educare
Dr. Dhirendra Mishra

"Working with EQTribe team has been a pleasant experience for our first project together. The use of tools from Run My Office seem to make it very efficient to organize communication, backlogs, and tracking. And the people behind this are the most approachable, happy to share their knowledge, and work with us towards achieving our intended outcome. This is what makes the biggest difference for a new engagement. Looking forward to post again at the completion of our first product roll out."

 Prasanth Perugupalli, Co-founder and CEO - Spectral Insight
Prasanth Perugupalli

Spectral Insight work with pathology departments to offer anywhere, anytime access to high quality digital images (biopsies, blood smear, pap smear, TB etc.) and a comprehensive suite of analytical tools.

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Senzopt is a IOT Solution Company which has created full suite of novel IoT Solutions for buildings that include wireless sensors, secure networks and intelligent software.

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"We wanted a simple, lightweight tool to manage sales pipeline for our startup. RunMyOffice fits the bill. With its simple interface, one can start using it right after the download. The follow-up tracker and sales chart let us ascertain the health of our sales pipelines quickly and easily. We never miss opportunities of lack of timely follow-ups after RunMyOffice."

Dr.Satya Gupta, Senzopt - An IOT Startup
Dr.Satya Gupta


"RunMyOffice saves a lot of our time which earlier went in coordination and delegation . It is the perfect app for small team. We love its simplicity and use it to manage our services visits, its timely reminders and day planner helps in completing all important work on time,every time."

Santosh Abraham, Founder - ElderAid
Santosh Abraham

ElderAid is Bangalore based Service Startup for Elder Care,Their suite of services are designed to support the Elder functionally in all ways

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Nexar is an Israel based Company which uses vision and sensor fusion to create sophisticated safe driving tools that detect, record, and warn drivers of real-time road hazards.

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EQTribe Understands Customer Satisfaction Well

"We have been working with EQTribe for outsourced development from the past 3.5 months, and I would like to thank them for their support and customer friendly approach. They always deliver the project requirement by going above and beyond of what is expected and give out their best"

Sumit Mishra, India Head - Nexar
Sumit Mishra

EQTribe researched & found ways of securing our intellectual property on mobile apps

"EQTribe is helping us securing our intellectual property which goes to our users bundled inside our apps."

Latha Srinivasan, Founder & Director - ChipperSage Education
Latha Srinivasan


Chippersage, are committed to delivering learning solutions and tools that enhance English language skills for all learners irrespective of age and proficiency levels.

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH or GIZ is a German development agency headquartered in Bonn and Eschborn that provides services in the field of international development cooperation

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EQTribe understood our business needs and built a mobile app EQ RunMyFPO accordingly

"EQTribe built a mobile app EQ RunMyFPO to manage agri stores of Farmers Producer Organisations (FPOs) automating day-to-day book-keeping, tracking of purchases & sales and staff. They build the app they way I wanted."

Aniruddha Shanbagh, Senior Advisor and National Programme Manager - GIZ
Aniruddha Shanbagh

They developed features in their product EQ RunMyOfficebased on how my business runs

"We were losing leads worth lacs of rupees of business to competition every passing month. Thanks to EQ RunMyOffice, I am now in control. As a pilot customer of their product, I could guide features in their product based on my needs & my feedback. A perfect win-win for both."

Abhiney Singh, Managing Director - Brighton International School
Abhiney Singh

Brighton International School is CBSE affiliated School in Raipur.

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Musyfy Inc. is a Canada based company that builds innovative and low cost tools that helps online retailers enhance customer experience, increase customer loyalty and provide analytical insights.

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EQTribe researched & created a proof of concept for my product idea in just 30 days

"EQTribe researched & created a proof of concept for my product idea in just 30 days and built the Minimum Viable Product iteratively in 4 months. Every change request was handled efficiently by the team. There was a seamless collaboration across time zones in Toronto, Sydney and Bangalore though we have never seen each other in person. I look forward to working with the team again"

Sarbjit Parhar CEO - Musyfy Inc, Toronto, Canada
Sarbjit Parhar