Track your team's work, manage work effectively using

EQ RunMyOffice

work deshboards


Delegate work instantaneously, prioritise & track to its logical end

Followup using a single click and have the updates in your mailbox as work progresses

Insightful dashboards to see status of over all work to be done, who is doing what

Personalised to-do list

Let each member of your team always know what he should do when. Automatic reminders as the deadline approaches so that an important task is never forgotten.

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work dashboard

All updates, notes of a task at once place

When teams collaborate they discuss details about an ongoing work. The conversations of different tasks are no more mixed up in chatting apps.

A live feed of all ongoing work

Live feed for those who are interested to continuously know what's going on without calling people on phone all the time 

Timeline screenshot



Get notification of important pending work on your phone 

RunMyOffice is your intelligent assistant that reminds of your pending work on your phone so that nothing is forgotten, no matter how busy you are 



Send reminder in a single click

To pull the attention of the person responsible for the work, send a quick reminder easily. The important work is no more forgotten between the busy day

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