Increase Leads Conversion by Letting Your Intelligent e-Visitor Book Work for You

Instant First Mail & Automated Followups with Your Visitors with RunMyOffice

* Instant & automatic marketing mail & product brochures as soon as someone visits your office or exhibition stall

* Broadcast your follow up marketing campaign messages to all the event visitors in one click

* Track the sales pipeline generated from the event upto deal closure

* Instantly add meaningful categorisation to your visitors, add them to your sales pipeline as leads or opportunities

* Real time sharing of visitor book with your colleagues not in the event




Automate followup campaigns to your visitors

Easy broadcast of mails and brochures to all or few of your visitors in an event or a day



Real time sharing of visitor book with your colleagues not in the event

The sales team can start building up relations as you are busy in a marketing event. The visitors collected centrally in RunMyoffice is instantly usable by your entire team. You can even assign followup tasks to be done by your backend team in office for the visitors.

visitor list
Visitor creation



Visitors can enter their contact details & feedback on phone or tablet  

Give an enhanced brand experience to your visitors. Save paper by avoiding registers. Yes, you can even scan visiting cards.  Save more paper.

Automatically Categorised Visitors

You can have a separate visitor book for each event and one for each of your office.




Record all information about your visitors  

While your visitor records only the basic information about herself, you can add all the other important information and save it for future marketing needs  



And a lot more features of RunMyOffice

RunMyOffice makes running your business easy for you

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