EQTribe Advantage - 10 Guarantees By EQTribe

1. 6 month warranty

  • Complete accountability of software that we deliver 
  • Any defects found till 6 months of delivery, will be fix free of cost

2. Extreme Quality 

  • No code without our internal QA
  • Stringent quality gates

3. No Lock-In

  • If you chose to switch to a new vendor or your own team in future, we will provide support a smooth transition and handover of all code & technical documents

4. Tech Documentation

  • All tech documents for all custom developed software maintained to enable a smooth transition between developers in case of attrition.

5. Guaranteed Deadlines

  • Timely delivery ensured via a very strict project management

6. Enterprise Grade Scalability

  • Guaranteed scalability to millions of users and gigabytes of data.
  • Guaranteed future-proofing for any future enhancements and integrations.

7. Direct Expert Access

  • No more struggling with immature software coders with less business knowledge 
  • Our experts with deep background in making business software, running business, running startup, helping several other startups are always available.

8. Milestone Based Payments

  • No more missing timelines.
  • We link our payment plan to the project milestone.

9. Lowest Pricing

  • Get a quote better than ours and we will beat it in cost-benefit-value 

10. Complete Control on Budget

  • Get transparent estimates and actual efforts & costs so that you don’t overspend 

  • Reach out to a larger market, bring your business online
  • Beat competition using technology, with more efficient team and business processes
  • Rapidly build your business tech platform so that you can focus on developing your business.
Do all that with EQTribe’s powerful, agile and user friendly software products, that bring efficiency to your workforce and business processes.

  • We are experts in making user friendly, robust products that can scale and evolve over time.
  • Founded by engineers who have 30+ years of experience in building world class business products at SAP and Oracle.

EQTribe - the Efficiency Quotient people. 

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