We have a suite of Business apps and Site builder components, that together will be able to address your specific requirements, either out of the box, or with some customizations.

Please explore the various options between the Sites and Platform, and find what meets your requirements. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Or you are ready to get started. 

Use Case Starting Price EQTribe Product
Business Websites with eCommerce Lite 
All the basics for a business website with eCommerce Lite enabled
₹5.5K per month EQ Sites
A powerful sitebuilder to build awesome user experience on web and mobile
eCommerce Platforms
Everything you need for a fully functional eCommerce platform
₹24K per month
Specialised Platforms
Marketplace, Aggregators, Specialized business models
₹45K per month
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EQ Salesflow
CRM for Sales to manage your customer data, pre-sales process, sales pipeline, post sales service and delivery.
₹10,000 / month
All These Applications Are Included in EQ Platform
EQ Platform
All-in-one business software platform
EQ Service Flow
CRM for Service Tickets Management
EQ Workflow
Manage your projects and move work towards closure
EQ Cash flow
Track income and expenses for past and future. Approve expense claims by staff.
EQ Stock flow
Track your inventory
EQ Staff
Manage staff, leaves, timesheets, attendance.
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Outsourced Product Development & Custom Project Development

Custom Development Pricing is based on the time and material consumed in a project. The key component of this pricing is the manpower cost. This is calculated with fixed rates that you can find from us. Rates depend upon the skill level and expertise of the designers and engineers involved. We transparently share the team composition for any custom development project with our customers. We also do an initial assessment of the project, usually after the design phase, to come to an estimate of time and resources that is closer to actuals. With our experience over the years, we are able to give realistic estimates on the onset, with a smaller margin of error, so that there are no surprises towards the end of the project, and everybody is able to plan better for the project. We have formalised our effort estimation techniques to arrive at better estimates each time. Estimates though are only as good as definition and details of the requirements upfront. We can also work in a fixed budget model, where we can consult you on the phased approach of your project, each phase fitting into your budget that you would have allocated in that period on this activity. Here the requirements are boxed as per the budget allocated. Contact us to find more on which approach will be more suitable for your requirements.