The EQ Tribe - The Efficiency Quotient People

We are a team of passionate IT professionals who want to enable and be part of success stories in these exciting times of opportunity in India. With our collective experience of decades, across continents, being part of ground zero of the IT revolution that transformed how business is done, we believe we can bring enormous value to your business, now in India, at this moment.

We take pride in our team having a deep sense of design and art, that reflects in the work we do. Our Engineers are mindful of not just the functional but also other important aspects of software, like usability, security, future extensibility, and more.

Our company culture is open and modern, and values are people centric. As a company, we invest heavily on a great work culture by keeping it transparent and inclusive. This ensures that our team faces negligible attrition thereby allowing us to retain knowledge about your business and delight you with our service.

The Chiefs Of Our Tribe

Mohit Shukla

Founder, CEO

Worked for SAP Labs, India, for 12+ years. Brings a solid expertise on Business Software like ERP Systems and Software Quality, deep understanding of Financial Software Systems, Banking, Supply Chain etc. He is an expert in Lean, Agile and Design Thinking and consults/coaches other companies on these subjects.

Rachna Shukla

Founder, Chief Product Owner

Worked for Oracle, U.S. for 10+ years. Decade of experience in Analysis, Design and Development of System and Application Software. Besides, she is also an accomplished, professional fine art photographer. She has had three solo exhibitions of her photographic-art, and does portrait work at her studio -