We deliver success to startups and modern businesses as their technology partner. 

The biggest challenge for a tech startup is to build their tech platform. While the cost of technology is unpredictable as well as high, many startups fail to take-off because they are not able to get their technology up and running within a reasonable time frame. Even when they go live, defective software and poor user experience drive the customers away. 

We help them with their end to end technology needs. With EQTribe holding their hand, they are able to hit the ground running. We provide them with business software, web applications or mobile apps, designed based on each of their unique business models. 

We offer them our standard software as a service on cloud. For extremely unique needs, we custom design and engineer their products. Sometimes we help them by providing UX design engineers, software engineers and digital marketing consultants. 

Our reusable building blocks help them sprint from zero to one, much faster than other options and at a lower cost. Our custom software is delivered as a complete package with all required technical documentation so that they can later extend on their own. 

Our SaaS platform enables businesses to start a rich website where they sell their products, services and ideas. They can scale-up further as their business grows with our built in CRM, Workflow, Staff Management and Daybook even helps them manage their operations in an efficient and effective manner. Once an online business is started and is scaling, we also help our clients with digital marketing activities to reach out to newer markets.

The Solution Map

Whitelabelling An EQ App

Most EQ business apps are not standalone apps. They are an interface running, along with several other UIs in the same family, on a complex platform called EQ Platform. This platform is running on EQ Cloud, running on secured Amazon servers.

In the above model, it's only an app that gets white-labelled, and not the platform behind, on which it is running. The white-labelled app is still “powered by EQ Platform”. Truly white-labelled backend can only happen in conjunction with enterprise deployment, where a separate instance of backend will be running with databases and everything else, on client servers. Read how FundExpert is able to leverage its partner network with white labeled EQ Salesflow

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