Who We Are

Eqtribe Business software

Value Proposition

EQTribe Software Solutions is a Bangalore based software company that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to businesses. In aggregate, these cloud computing web services provide standard but highly customisable business solutions which are tailored for the business models of its clients. These solutions are in form of CRM,Workflows, eCommerce Portals, Marketplaces,Web Sites, cashflow management, etc.

Target Clients

EQTribe has worked with a variety of industries. Some of the prominent ones are Medical, Fin-tech, Banking, Insurance, IOT, Travel, Home Care, Education, Real Estate, Social, Agriculture, Waste Management, Retail, etc.

Our Technology

EQTribe's business platform is available on-cloud. Over years it has developed a large number of building blocks of software. For example, CRM, Sales Management, Marketing, Work Management, Tasks Management, Inventory, Website Component, Content Management System, Product Catalog, Payments, Cashflows, Staff Management, Leave & Attendance Management, etc.

Customers use it in a variety of forms. Some use its ready-to-use mobile apps like RunMyOffice, EZ Staff. Some opt for highly customised solutions based on their business plans. Others  go for large scale enterprise solutions.


Small Business Solutions (BizGoEasy): BizGoEasy is series of simple to use mobile apps and software that are designed by keeping small businesses in mind. They get a simple CRM, Workflow, Project Management , Staff Management, Website, eCommerce Store, etc.  Visit BizGoEasy to know more.

Tailored Solutions: These are a variety of solutions in form of web portals, business processes and business intelligence. Each solution can be subscribed to (purchased) in form of a plan. Each plan is a well defined package of functionalities and capabilities. The client selects one of the available plan. Later as the client's needs evolve, the solution is tailored as per their evolving business model and evolving requirements.

Enterprise Solutions: Enterprise solutions is a scaled up version of tailored solutions. Client get to chose options like keeping data base behind their firewall or designing the complete user interface and user experience.  These solutions start from the baseline of our existing platform software, but then evolve in its own unique form that is 100% decided by the client's needs.

Outsourced Product Development: We develop products for clients. These products could be an MVP (minimum viable product) or a full fledged product ready for go-to-market. Our reusable software components and our product development expertise brings a value to client like no one else could.

Consulting Services: We consult (both short term and long term) clients so that we can share some of our knowledge and expertise with them. We provide software engineering resources. We consult on topics like lean development, agile development and design thinking.

Growth & Profitability

We closed FY2018 with a 170% YoY growth based on our audited statements. Our team grew by 2 times. During the period from 2015 onwards, we have invested money and intellectual capital heavily to build this EQ Business Platform. Now the platform is alive and kicking. Diverse business software with unique business models run on this platform. The sales of solutions on our platform is steadily growing. By next year we plan to launch industry specific solutions. We are in process of adding capabilities of machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

The EQ Tribe

We are a product company catering to small and medium businesses. Our founders have a rich experience of some of the world's best software companies - SAP, Oracle, Infosys. Our company culture is open and modern, and values are people centric.

We are a team of passionate IT professionals who want to enable and be part of success stories in these exciting times of opportunity in India. With our collective experience of decades, across continents, being part of ground zero of the IT revolution that transformed how business is done, we believe we can bring enormous value to your business, now in India, at this moment.

We are very proud of the sustainable business model we are building and are sure that we will grow into a thriving and fulfilling workplace in years to come.

Mohit Shukla

Mohit Shukla

Founder, CEO

Worked for SAP Labs, India, for 12+ years. Brings a solid expertise on ERP Systems and Software Quality, deep understanding of Financial Systems, Banking, Supply Chain etc. He is an expert in Lean, Agile and Design Thinking and consults/coaches other companies on these subjects.