EQ RunMyOffice

the friendly but powerful, entry level business software











EQ RunMyOffice is conceived, designed and built especially for micro and small businesses run by owners with modern outlook.

Its features are carefully curated to provide basic coverage for all important aspects of a small business, while keeping it simple to use as compared to other business softwares.

Small entrepreneurs around the world, waste significant time, money & resources in their operations and interactions.

● Multiple tools for various aspects of business

● Complex and ever increasing pricing

● Tools designed for larger teams and organization, inherently more complex and more than what is needed

● Tools oblivious of each other hence no cross context

On one end of the available business softwares are complex business software, meant for large businesses but prohibitively expensive and complex due their sophisticated nature. These kind of softwares require large upfront investment and specialized skilled staff to work with them.

On the other hand are various softwares that are geared towards midsize companies, that specialize in one or two aspects of a business, and provide a comprehensive solution for those aspects. This results in a small business using multiple software’s, paying for all of them, but mostly using only 30% of the available features.